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Husar Garcia, Laura


Laura grew up in Chicago and returned to Pilsen in 1999 after living in New

Mexico, Ecuador, The Czech Republic and Mexico. Her great-grandparents were

Slovakian immigrants who lived in East Pilsen at the turn of the century, and

shees currently enjoying the experience of returning to her roots. She has

photographed a variety of people, including Tibetan refugees, Czech gypsies,

Andean farmers, Navajo weavers, Oaxacan Day of the Dead pilgrims and

currently Chicago Polish nuns. Laura leaves the city for the wilderness as much as possible.


When I returned to Chicago after living in Santa Fe, NM for several years, I

found myself craving wilderness. I began searching for moments of peace and solitude where I could make images that would recharge my urban batteries.

In the quiet, rural areas of western Illinois, I was awed by the serenity,

and began making photographs that evoked happy feelings of my late father, who was a writer. Dad painted with his words, and I wanted to capture

moments that evoked feelings which were instilled by his writing. My love of

nature stems from childhood, although IIve also been making images of people

for the past 16 years as a documentary photographer. I love my work, because

I have an instant ticket to enter peoplees lives with my camera, savoring

moments and faces. The imperative part is having the wonderful ability to

visually share peoplees stories and the grace of nature with others.

Frequent trips to the wilderness make me feel constantly renewed and alive.

Laura Husar Garcia is currently working on a collaborative exhibit and book

titled Nuns and Their Habitss at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago,

where she is photographing and interviewing Polish Roman Catholic nuns. The exhibit opens Oct. 4th, 2002. She recently left her job as a picture editor at The Chicago Tribune to pursue a freelance career. Laura has worked as a

newspaper photographer in New Mexico and elsewhere for several years. She is

the author and photographer of a childrenns book titled, Pueblo Ruinss

published by Rigby Press, and has been published in The Chicago Tribune, The

New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, Newsweek, Sports

Illustrated and more.

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