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Adcock, Melanie


Melanie A. Adcock serves as a member of ARC Gallery, a 30 year woman artist run co-op in the city of Chicago. She teaches at the International Academy of Design and Technology and displays her work in alternative Chicago Arts venues and nationally. B.F.A. Painting, Kansas City Art Institute; M. A. Sculpture and Weaving, Eastern Illinois University; Internships at the Dennis Morgan Gallery, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Adcock grew up on a farm in downstate Illinois outside of a town of only 500 people. Her family has worked in agriculture there for over 100 years. Though Chicago is now her home she maintains the old fashion work ethic and values she grew up with and applies it to her art making. Her cutting edge interior manipulations, wearable structures, and wall constructions are highly sought after as a rich cultural addition to Chicagoos alternative art scene. Chicagoos East Pilsen neighborhood, (newly renamed the Chicago Arts District) currently serves as her home and studio location.

Mediums Employed by the Artist: Installation, Alternative Fashion, Sculpture

Profession: Gallerist, Exhibiting Artist, Instructor, Curator


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