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Enyart, Brian

oil painting
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1810 S. Jefferson, 1st Fl. Chicago, IL
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Website: Brian Enyart's Artist Homepage

I am a self-taught artist. I began painting to explore the visual expression of the meanings or feelings behind the words. My biggest influence is the muralist movement in Mexico during the twenties. I have tried to retain the bright, powerful use of color, but replacing fresco with oil bars to give different movement to my work. I primarily use oil bars as the medium. I like to use this medium so I can feel more connected and understand the intent of the piece. I believe this gives my work a skinlesss, honest look into the piece. IIve had two solo shows at local restaurants. After a good public response and a desire to help the community, I started to donate works to charities. Two of my pieces went to help the Inspiration Cafee, and one to Lasalle Language Academy. More recently four of my pieces were accepted by jury to hang for a two month run at Gallery Victoria in Florida. To keep myself funded I have been working as a managing sous chef at Frontera Grill for six years.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I use contemporary figure painting to express the human experience of thought, love, loss, and the desire to understand life.
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