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Beck, Obleo

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1932 S. Halsted St., #500
Website: Obleo's website

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I studied art as a teenager at Cardinal Strict College advanced youth artist

program. After high school, I attended Milwaukee Instuite of Art and Design and Milwaukee Area Technical

College for photography and design. I have taken personal workshops and internships with John Beckett, J.P.

Adaberry, Duane Michaels, and Richard Avedon. I have worked as a professional photographer for over 12

years. My professional experience includes advertising, photojournalism, portraiture and fine art. My work has

been published both in print and web media. My artwork is in collections both private and Intuitional. I have

received awards of merit for my series "Cattle Round Up" and for the "Harley Davidson" advertising campaign.

I also have taught the zone system and digital photography. I was recently featured for my strong visual work

by Calumet Photographic "Photo Cafe", and Polaroid Online. My current projects include a full feature film

documentary and a book of female nudes.

"What is the raw truth I am committed to communicate that speaks for itself?" The quest for personal expression with

power and beauty, that endows a sense of drive and purpose. Shadows and light are the tools of my visual poems. Some

people look for the name, others focus on the results.

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