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Miclot, James

oil painting
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1932 S. Halsted St., #304

Biography: Jim Miclot (Ph.D.) has concentrated exclusively on oil painting for the past six years. A native of Chicago, Miclot has been a professor for five years at The College of William and Mary and for four years at Catholic University in Washington, DC. For the past two years, Miclot has been the chief marketing officer at Aspen Graphics; he is currently the CEO of Mercury Markets.

Artistic Statement: My paintings make use of contrasting bright colors and complex textures to achieve a conscious rapport between dynamic elements: active potential in repose. I use stylistic techniques usually associated with abstract painting (splattering, intense color, heavy texture) in rendering simple representations (nudes, ocean scapes). The paintings emphasize qualities of impermanence and interrelation as the context for life and its creations.
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