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Rios, Robin

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Website: 4Art Inc.

Robin Monique Rios is a Chicago native. She graduated with honors from the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago with a Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communications in 2003.

While attending AI, Robin was approached by Redmoon Theater to work as a photographer and digital artist on their upcoming Segal Performance.

Since then Robin has found her passion in digital photography and imaging; Sometimes the concept of a series is developed first. Other times it springs forth from the birth of the images themselves."

The Chicago art scene is expansive, resourceful, and energetic. We here at 4Art Inc gallery are proud to be rooted in such a creative arena. 4Art has exhibited a diversity of talented and dedicated artists since October 2003. We aspire to empower our artists by providing them with a six month residency to show an evolution of their work. Our artists are committed to the process of interacting with clients during the opening receptions in order to form that all important and priceless connection. 4Art is committed to maintaining the level of quality that our clients have come to appreciate and respect.

Currently, Robin Monique Rios is the Director/Owner of 4Art Inc. gallery, established in October 2003. During this time Robin found that she had to overcome many obstacles to make her business successful. With any new business, one works hard to find that KEY to success. During the first year and a half Robin was the curator of over a dozen new shows with all new artists but one month just didn't seem to be a sufficient amount of time to promote emerging â€" midrange artists. Robin felt that artists needed to have a place to call home so that potential buyers would evolve with the artists. Evolve in many respects in order to feel confident in their purchase or investment in their artists work.

Robin also knew that it would be a cumbersome climb up a steep hill. Opening an art gallery in an emerging area was also a risky business move in itself. Robin was determined to find a way to make that all work. In September 2005 Robin put together a strong and dedicated team of fourteen artists to kick off the first trial run of the six month residency program. These artists would not only rotate new works every month but some artists could be found creating artwork live during the openings. This concept would later prove to be a phenomenal success. Robin knew then that she was onto something great.

Our 6 month residency program is now on its 5th phase and has created a rare opportunity for not only her artists but for art enthusiasts, by simply providing a foundation that creates a Connection, an Understanding and most important an Appreciation of art and for the artist who create it! 4Art Inc Gallery is now working on its 5th year in business and Robin has high hopes for her programs continual success.

Robin's gallery is a service oriented gallery, where she also offers Custom Framing, Graphic Design and Fine Art Classes.
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