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Schmidt, Jerod

oil painting
  Website: Jerod Shmidt's website: 4Art, Inc.  

Jerod Schmidt has lived most of his life in Central Oregon. After graduating from Northwest Nazarene University in Idaho, with BAAs in Art and Art Education, he moved to Chicago, were he still resides. He worked in the Chicago Public School system as a substitute and high school art teacher for three years. He is now a co-owner and gallery director of 4Art Inc.

Jerodds work is heavily influenced by his love of nature that was instilled in him at a young age. Hiking and backpacking have been a life long passion. Since his move to Chicago, many of his works have explored the interplay of natural and urban forms, and the relationship between humanity and nature. He uses a variety of different media, including photography, charcoal, oil, and polymer media, and is constantly exploring new styles.

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