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Ribskis, Al

mixed media

A life-long Chicagoan, I was raised on the south side, in the Bridgeport neighborhood. I married & moved to the north side in '79. Divorced in '84 (a very friendly parting), then founded 'TECHSIGN,' a sign shop, in '86. I'd attended a racing school in the fall of '84 and began my racing driving career in 1990; Formula racecars at an amateur level. The sign shop closed in '02; TECH RacinGraphics' is a natural evolution, the studio where I paint helmets and create neon sculptures.


Neon sculpture

Custom painted helmets

From many years of experience in the sign industry, I saw there are many beautifully colored neon tubes which are little-used. In each of my neon sculptures, I draw a 'line of light' with the boldly colored tube; my 'canvas,' as such, is a custom formed & tinted concrete base (which also contains the tiny transformer powering the tube). In some pieces I also diffuse the light with translucent plastic.

There's a nice synergy in the materials used, as the glass tubes' source, sand, is 'of the earth,' as are the materials used in making the base: sand, rocks, cement, water.

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