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Wille, Michael

acrylic painting
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Each painting is drawn from interpretations of my surroundings in daily life. I want to call attention to the mundane things in my life and in turn, re-contextualize these objects and locations in my paintings, creating a new existence for them as icons. Their iconic status is heightened when a shape or form is repeated throughout a family of images as visual vocabulary. In doing so, I strive to give new life to these commonplace subjects, as well as add to their existing meaning and significance. Whether taking the negative space of highway overpass structure, a seating area in the grandstands at a Major League Baseball stadium, or the terra cotta shingles of a Roman roof, I paint about the things I choose to examine on many different levels. These references, the starting points of my paintings, are transformed throughout the process of painting.

I freely roam in the territory between using paint as a material fact and using paint as a device to illustrate something outside itself. Consequently, depending on how the work is internalized, the painting becomes readable on many different levels, as the physicality of the materials undermines the illustrative qualities. While the image remains un-recognizable within the context of abstract painting, it can also be read as an illustration of something at the next glance. I want each image to move slowly towards association, yet have the potential to pull back at next glance.

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