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Ko, Sally

acrylic painting
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Sally is a Chicago-based artist. Born in Korea, and having grown up in the Chicago area, Sally studied at The Art Institute of Chicago, and The American Academy of Art.

Sallyys bold abstract paintings represent a synthesis of her experiences, perspectives, and feelings. Sally chooses the abstract style because, by virtue of its obscurity, it fosters her uninhibited self-exploration and subsequent self-expression. Furthermore, the viewerrs pre-conceptions are thereby mitigated, and the story is communicated via a combination of color, texture, and form.


My focus is on color in its various shades, forms, textures, and spatial relationships. I am deeply moved by the work of Gustav Klimt, Frida Khalo, and Mark Rothko, recognizing their influence in my content, color theory, and style. My work is very personal. Much as my human relationships are significantly defined through day-to-day interactions, rather than end results, my work tends to reflect an emphasis on process rather than finished product.
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