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Waters, Alana

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716 West 18th St. Rear Cottage Chicago, IL 60608
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Website: Alana Waters Website

Around the age of 3, Alana Waters was accidentally thrown from the family car onto the gravel road of the small Texas town where she lived. It is that type of trauma that haunts her to this very day. She is way too accident prone to be considered a cool artist, so she has embraced her love of all things kitsch in her work. Having been properly programmed by the imagery of the early 700s, the bulk of her freelance design is inspired by an era of afternoons spent watching intros for I Dream of Jeaniee and Bewitchedd. She makes an excellent Wagon Wheel and can sing the IIm Just a Billl song verbatim.

In the late 800s, Alana moved to New York where she studied photography at the acclaimed School of Visual Arts. The early 900s found her working schlub jobs at various record labels, assisting a large Houston-based concert promoter, and as a singer-songwriter. During Alanaas time in the music industry, she made it a point to also utilize her visual skills through a childhood love of photography. With her experience and the friendships she has forged in the field, Ms. Waters has had the honor of documenting acts as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Filter, No Doubt, Matchbox Twenty, and Korn, as well as many other notable and not-so-notable acts.

After leaving New York, Alana returned to Texas where she endured a Senior Design position at the now infamous Enron corporate headquarters and is happy to share her copies of top-secret documents with anyone who will buy her a beer.

In mid 1998, she decided to move to Chicago to further her artistic career. The move was to pursue music, but she ended up achieving so much more. Over the last six years, Alana has honed her visual skills to a vibrant and original level. Her expertise as a graphic artist and designer, as well as her photography talents, has broadened to include outstanding abilities as a web designer.

Alanaas achievements have led her to her current design position at a prestigious childrenns book publisher where she happily accepts regular paychecks for her expert coloring, drawing, and high-level Play-Doh sculpting.

Aside from her diverse creative pursuits as a photographer, visual artist, digital artist, graphic designer, web designer and musician, Alana is a motorcycle enthusiast, in particular, vintage motorcycles. She can often be seen tooling around on one of her two motorbikes in the city of Chicago, always intensely playful and looking for new adventures.

Some of Alanaas work may be seen online at:

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