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Ludwig, Eva

oil painting
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Art is an exciting journey for me

I follow the White Rabbit

I search for the Sense of Existence

I want to know

who the hell put me here

into this crazy world

and what for

Thatts why I explore the Mind

my own as well as the other Living

animals and human beings

I explore faces and bodies

I tear them to see whatts hidden beneath

I taste the flesh

suck the blood

and when I can tell the difference

between Cadmium Red and Deep Purple

then I take a deep breath

and jump into the Shimmering Ocean of Eyes

as the eyes are the Temple of Spirit

and there I drown

and when I can tell the difference

between Ultramarine and Ultraviolet

then I explode to climb

the Volcano of Hidden Emotions

I hunt them in Forbidden Desire

I track them to their source

I fight I fuck I make love

to the Beasts of Hate Love Sorrow and Anger

and when I can tell the difference

between Black and White

then I just sit and play

with all my favourite toys

which are Colours Shadows and Master of All - Light

I play with the Illusion of Space

Imagination is my Guide

through the Unbelievable

thus Art is the Way of my life

Itts the Wonderland

and I am Eva Elizabeth Alice

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