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Chiaramonte, Vincent

oil painting
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Vincent Chiaramonte has dedicated his artistic career to the portrait and the artistry involved in capturing the depth of life and emotion in his subjects. Gifted in oil, pastel, or charcoal, Vincent has been commissioned by private individuals and by organizations from the world of business, politics, academia, sports, and clergy. His art career, however, had a bit of a circuitous beginning. After his first year of college, Vincent studied mortuary science, graduated, and worked as an embalmer for three years. Little did he realize the value that those anatomical studies would hold for his career as an artist. "Grave robbers used to be hired by artists, so they could study what was happening under the skin," he says, "and I got paid for it". Knowing he had to pursue his passion for art, Vincent went on to receive his formal training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Since then, Vincent has gone on to build a successful career as an artist who paints portraits. Having earned signature memberships in prestigious pastel and portrait societies throughout the country, his work has been featured in highly respected publications such as International Pastel and International Artist, as well as a feature in The Best of Pastel 2, a hardcover book commemorating the Pastel Society of America's 25th anniversary. American Artist featured his technique in "The Head Study". Besides a passion for portraiture and technique, he enjoys teaching as well, and has conducted workshops in Italy as well as regionally.


"Finding your divinely inspired dream and not pursuing it for all it is worth is an insult to its Creator." -- This phrase captures the passion with which Vincent Chiaramonte pursues his vision of being an artist who paints portraits. Vincent's portraits not only convey a likeness of the subject, but his work fully expresses the spirit and character of the individual while highlighting the technical skill and artistry required in creating such a piece.

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