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Lanza, Gabe

acrylic painting
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Lanza Studio

1917 South Halsted

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Gabe Lanza is a working fine artist whoos acrylic paintings draw inspiration from product and packages from the 500s and 600s; especially robots, spaceships, and tin toys. Decorative items such as wallpaper, furniture and rugs; inspire shapes, design, and composition. Originally from Milwaukee WI, Gabe Lanza is a fine artist and an illustrator who lives and works out of his studio in Chicago, IL.

Simplification, form, color, and basic geometryywith these elements, I create my designs and renderings of reality. Whether the subject is figurative, architectural or abstract, I aim to balance a pictorial illusion with the flatness I create. This flatness references the geometric forms of Minimalist art, the heavy outlines of comics and cartoons, and contemporary graphic design.

My paintingssextractions and rearrangements of the gestures from my cartoonish pencil drawings and sketchessare executed with bold colors. All my work explores a self-contained reality, another universe incorporating my fantasies and illustrations. Although the combination of all these processes might suggest possible digital manipulation and masking, my images are always generated by hand.

My paintings are not deliberate self-portraits, but my figurative work tends to have a physical reference to myself. Though this is not necessary for the viewer to realize, this element is reflective of my processsleaving something of myself in each painting as I move to the next.

Every painting begins by generating small detailed sketches from many inspirational sources. These sources include products and packaging from the 1950s and 1960ssespecially tin toys for color reference, decorative items such as wallpaper, furniture, and rugs to inspire shapes, design, and composition. I typically paint on a wood surface or hardboard. This surface helps to achieve that flat color that I love. My favorite part of any painting, and the most time consuming, is hand painting all the outlines. I just get a kick out of it, almost therapeutic.

There is no deep or hidden artistic meaning to my work. Simply put, I draw and paint because that is what I want to do. I enjoy having something out there thatts unusual, unexpected, and makes people think and laugh.

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