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Reichold, Andrew

oil painting
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718 W. 18th St #2F Chicago, IL 60608
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1979 Berwyn, IL


2002 BFA, Interior Architecture Program, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL


2002 POP Culture Road Show, New York, NY

Chicago, IL

Miami, FL

2003 MILK design Gallery, Chicago, IL

2004 Form without Function Show, Chicago, IL

Pilsenns winter fest, Chicago, IL


Mr. & Mrs. Yaakoby


Contemporary urban culture and the cityys topography broken down, examined and reevaluated through a personal point of view, and ones own experiences exemplifies my body of work.

Technology (high & low), architecture, environmental concerns, urban renewal, motion, circulation, process, minimalism, electronic music (house, d&b, techno, dub, hip-hop, ambient, & experimental), design (graphic, furniture, industrial, & interior), transportation, light, and nature are my main sources of inspiration.

Juxtaposing these ideas and visual representations against themselves or one another I hope to allow the viewer to question how and why these things exist, and how they relate to us, and how we relate to them. My concepts originate from pictures that IIve taken or have obtained in a book/magazine or from the internet, and other times I come upon a weathered or worn found material and it builds from there.

An equally important relationship between abstraction and representation drives the final visual outcome some crude in form others more refined. Each individual piece I try to approach in a different way, but still showing signs of a connection to the past, some being more universally understandable while others are quite personal.

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