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Michele, Deborah

acrylic painting

Born September 19, 1978, St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Lives and works in Chicago, IL

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My work expresses the ideal that energy, the smallest yet most powerful entity, intertwines everything. The natural inorganic environment in its most raw forms-- such as gypsum, bauxite, jasperite, charcoal and soil in general-- is a good example of this, for the fact that these substances, typically thought of as 'dead', can over time become incorporated into living organic matter. They therefore represent energy transformation and creation. My fascination with this concept is reflected in my use of colours inspired by these substances.

As humans, even with the awareness of a remarkable connection with our environment, we sometimes find it difficult to free ourselves of misanthropic tendencies. By the use of harmonious colour interplays, which I abruptly interrupt with flat unintegrated blocks of colour, I portray the narrative of this dichotomy that unites us as human beings. In my paintings I intend the viewer to observe that conflict between the inherent power we derive from inseparability with our universe and our destructive desire to separate ourselves.

Spontaneity and intuition are important aspects of my creative process. They allow the work to develop honestly, permitting the painting and my thought to simultaneously inform each other.

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