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Davis, Joe


The work of Joe Llewellyn Davis reflects a diverse background influenced by a variety of artistic and literary sources. Mr. Davis began his formal education in a three-room schoolhouse in Prairieville, Illinois and later attended Dixon High School, Sauk Valley Junior College, Northern Illinois University and Columbia College.

During his school years he worked as a photojournalist and theater photographer. It was as a photographer for the school paper at Sauk Valley Jr. College that Mr. Davis began to learn his remarkable printing skills, which is one of the outstanding features of his art. In 1983 Mr. Davis began what has become a very successful career as a commercial photographer. He has worked for many major corporations and maintains an extensive commercial clientele.

Mr. Davis' brilliant fine art photography synthesizes his broad range of experience into lush images. Beneath pastoral landscapes lie the forces of civilization. Man and industry encroach upon the landscape. Rendered in dark and romantic prints, the lines between the peaceful pastoral image and the presence of death are blurred and the viewer is pulled into a world that is at once beautiful and foreboding.

Joe Davis has exhibited at the Judy Saslow Gallery-Chicago, Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art, SBC Junior College Gallery, The Archi Center of Chicago, Lannon Cole Gallery, North Eastern Illinois University and the WPA Gallery - Chicago. His work has been included in a traveling exhibition curated by Jno Cook, themed on the landscapes of America, and is included in the Northern Illinois University permanent collection.

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