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Darovec, Kimberly

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I received my BA in graphic design from the University of Central Florida in 1997, and went on to utilize what I learned through this endeavor at theme parks, television stations, and trade show marketing firms for a while. I exhibited my fine art (paintings and drawings) extensively in Orlando, Florida.

I moved to Chicago in 2002, participated in group and solo shows, did some bartending, and am now gearing to begin my second year of graduate studies at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, where I am receiving my masterâ€â"¢s degree in art therapy.

One question: Do babies paint in the womb?

Artist Statement

[ written on the EL during my first month as a Chicago transplant :) ]

The poetry of a line

The musical composition of certain color combinations

Attempting to capture these elusive elements...or set them free...

Is as pointless as trying to make sense of love

But we must try...

Or as artists...we die.

It begins with a flicker of emotion

In my mind swirling colors and spinning thoughts embrace and dance

To become one

Fascination with observations of both human and animal

Pureed in a cosmic blender

Liquefied to simplistic irony...for aren't we all beasts at our base

A visceral reaction to my world...a feeling...a fleeting thought...

An entire theory...

I display in duality my vulnerability

I exhibit my best side...the side wielding pencil or brush

I hope that you enjoy, feel and possibly understand...

Not only the intricate yet often random workings of

My heart...

My soul...

My mind...

But also that you may obtain a divine manual

To help you decipher the delicate machinery that makes up who you are

Who are you?

Only you can answer

I combine and create to learn more of myself

For art is my struggle

Painting is my salvation

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