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Sartorius, Jake



1979 Berwyn, IL


CPC Chicago Photography Center, IL 2005

Triton College, Associate in fine Art degree, River Grove, IL 2003

Morton College, Cicero, IL 1998


2003 Milk design Gallery, Form Without Function Show, Chicago, IL


Richard & Susan Grant

Other interests:




Junk shopping


My work explores subjects such as urban decay, substance, elements of nature, and I also focus on the human act of just being human are within my shots. Abandoned buildings and factories are also fascinating to my eye, just for the fact of the history within each location. I enjoy very raw and abstract imaging of these ideas to a point of view that is simple, but different. Im always asking myself what when on at this building. I love repeating that question to myself over and over again while Im shooting.

My concept within each photo has connected themes throughout my work. I will shoot anywhere at any time of day to find a view of some sort. I believe that every photograph I take good or bad, I find some beneficial high. My work is both color, and black in white. The relationship between the photo and the way I frame my photographs goes hand in hand. I will have An Idea in my stech book, or just a radime thought and I would take note when riding my bike, walking, driving basically everywhere I go. I will come back to this location and began to view the subject in endless views and begin shoot away. I will stay on location for hours to get different reactions of time.

My current work is dealing with people, and flowers. One of my goals is to do several theme series of pictures in such arraignments that would complement each particular series. Also Im working with a larger format of presentation, in the past my work ranges from 11x14 - 20x30 now Im giving 30x40, and 40x50 a chance.

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