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Toal, Janel

acrylic painting
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Website: Janel Creates

Janel is a Detroit-area native who had a passion for visual arts early on, and pursued it in earnest at the Center for Creative Studies, where she got her BFA. while there, she settled on graphic design/art direction as her medium of choice, making a career in Chicago while enjoying the best city in the world. In recent years, however, she has begun to paint, tapping deeper into her gifts and her artist's heart, to find a new, exciting medium of


This body of work, unlike the majority of my career, is very personal and not driven by commerce. I find that painting affords

me a venue, not only to tap the creativity within (which all too

often is neglected by my profession), but to unlodge and work through the feelings that are often easier to push away or repress under the surface. in that regard, I'd say my painting is gut-level, coming out of that deep place within - the place that aches with profound hurt, yet that also cries and laughs with overflowing joy.

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