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Ehly, Jeremy

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Website: Jeremy Ehly

In the eighth grade Jeremy Ehly was the recipient of the prestigious Darkroom Mole of the Year Award recognizing his extraordinary time and effort spent in the local high school's journalism dark room. After such a high point in his photographic career Jeremy delved into even darker pursuits receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bio-Chemistry from Whitman College in 2000. He went on to work as both a Cancer researcher and Neuroscientist before finding his way back to the light. In 2003 Jeremy studied with noted Architectural Photographer John Stamets and in 2007 graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Jeremy has recently returned from the Netherlands where he worked for the architecture firm MVRDV. Currently, he is serving as the Project Designer for Podmajersky and the Chicago Arts District. His design projects and installations have taken up residence in several local galleries in Chicago and across the United States.

Designing and actualizing art installations has become an outlet which cohesively reconciles my background in both Architecture and Science. The creative, visual, and compositional side of architecture coupled with the curiosity, clarity and precision of science. My recent projects have explored our built environment and how we experience those structures and how their presence affects us. Highly conceptual and designed from start to finish, each project takes the medium as its starting point and asks what the medium; be it film, light, or discarded furniture, can best express or reveal about the chosen subject.

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