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Bonne, Ingrid

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Website: Best Friend Photography

Although born in the suburbs of Chicago, Ingrid is first-generation Croation, having spent many summers growing up with her family on the shores of Opatija and Rijeka. So she was bitten by the travel bug early on and continues to feed that passion.

Travel has brought her to her love of photography, and she would always be running to catch up with everyone walking far ahead of her while she stopped to take pictures.

Ingrid was heavily influenced after reading "Shutterbabe" by Deborah Copaken Kogen. After reading the book Ingrid decided to pursue a career in photography.

Ingrid is now the owner of Best Friend Photography & Design, where she specializes in people and pet portraiture, special events, and weddings. You can check out her website at

Ingrid is fascinated by people. There are billions of people in the world and each person is different than everyone else; looks, personality, energy,thought process. She is mesmerized by how profounf that concept is. So by photographing people, Ingrid tries to understand them, their similarities, their differences, what they love, what makes them smile, what angers them and why.

Her latest exploration is that of interracial relationships. In her travels and in her everyday life she is observing all colors, races, religions, sexes meshing together more and more and she feels the world is getting closer to a place where the LOVE is more prevalent than the hate.
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