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Sula , Monika

oil painting
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35th Annual Artists' Open House

1823 South Halsted

Monika grew up in Trakai, Lithuania. She was awarded an MFA degree from the Lithuanian Art Institute, where she studied painting and drawing, as well as stained-glass design. After graduation, she worked as a stained-glass artist, creating windows for major public buildings. She also illustrated books, and presented her oil paintings in galleries and exhibitions.


Monikaas paintings represent subtle, and often paradoxical, poetic vision. Strange creatures, infused with life, can be found in much of her work. One of her favorite tools is double symbolism. Close nspection may reveal a layer of metaphors bonded with hearty dose of humor. The title of a painting is intended to be another layer in the exposition. Occasionally the title will overwhelm obvious visual aspects in defining an effort, and impart a new, totally unexpected dimension.

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