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Crosby, Heather

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Website: Inspired by Everything

Heather Crosby grew up on a horse farm in Maryland

outside of Washington D.C., got into some good ole

fashioned trouble, went to Catholic school, then West

Virginia to learn about the wonders of graphic design.

In 1997, she visited Chicago, fell in love with it and

took the money from her newly sold beloved Bronco and

glass jar of waitressing tips and moved to the

loveliest city in the USA. She's made the best of it

since June of 1998. Crosby is a freelance graphic

designer, hoop performer, accessories designer and

painter. She's been published multiple times, has had

numerous painting exhibitions, her accessories are

carried in local and national boutiques and she has

been able to hoop perform with some of Chicago's top

bands. Life is good when you grab the reins.

I'm inspired by everything. I love to make jewelry. To

paint. To travel. To take pictures. To design

clothing, accessories, websites and annual reports.

I'm crazy about hoop and fire performance. I like to

push my boundaries. I enjoy success, failure and

exceeding expectations. I like to share it all too.
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