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Cabrera , Victoria

oil painting
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Website: victoria cabrera

Born December 7, 1979. Lived in a great many places, but called Minneapolis, MN home. Amongst the favorite places to live are: Seattle, North Adams, and nowwChicago. Enjoys using the term alma materr when referring to the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Makes mini-paintings and large paintings, collages, noise on the accordion, sewn blobby octopi, drawings, and scrabble words. Currently can be found riding bikes, drinking coffee, making art, and throwing stones.

Current works include imagery of aristocrats, hummingbirds, and dunce caps against backdrops of patterns of aged decadence.

These are People who make the rules.

Usually a man standing by a scene, as if a) he is reviewing the demise of the creatures b) he is like a proud hunter c) is there just in time to hand out the dunce caps & proclamations.

Hummingbirds as creatures of habitteat, drink, eat, flitter about, and drink. To some it may seem, stuck in a pace, in a rut, but still beautiful. And seemingly at the command of these People who make the rules.
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