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Radetski, Adam

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Adam Radetski studied fine art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has lived and worked in Minneapolis, North Adams Massachusetts, Seattle and Chicago. He paints, draws, sews, crochets, paints murals, builds things and facilitates group art projects.

Statement of Intent:

The Telephone Project is an elaboration on the childrens game where people sit in a circle and pass a message from one to the next. Each retelling or translation of the message creates the potential of misinterpretation, confusion and obfustication. This project consisted of an original message that was then passed through 20 different visual artists, writers and musicians. Each artist took the piece they received and then had two weeks to translate it into their own medium and then pass it the newly created work on to the next person. No one had prior knowledge of the previous work.

The project came from an interest in collaboration between two artists, we tend to find ourselves in a very insular studio where our work is our own and the process is controlled. A group project like this frees us from the contraints of authorism and individual intent.
My paintings and drawings deal with systems, social structures, abstract personal and political catastrophes, power and the blind inertia of groups.
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