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Warren, James

  Website: Vegas Alien  

Born in 1965, Jim Warren, aka Vegas Alien, is a photographic artist who received modest artistic training in the school systems of Illinois and at Illinois State University. He mastered lighting while working in commercial photography and took those skills to another level after moving to Chicago in 1996, where he lived for a few years before embarking on a life-changing move.

Jimms unique vision has been influenced by his lifees travels in Germany, Las Vegas and Hollywood, California. His experiences in these places allowed his mind to open up and see past established prejudices of the world around him. Settling back in Chicago in 2003, Jim has been creating custom personal portraits and shooting jaw-dropping, enhanced images for modeling portfolios. His ability to see through the soull has generated some of the most intimate and creative portraits imaginable.

His decision to finally exhibit and share his personal work comes from his move to the Pilsen East area of Chicago. Seeing the support in this area for the wide array of talent brought about his first body of work for exhibition, Elemental Bodies. Jim will continue to grow and share in the Chicago art scene.


Elemental Bodies is a collection of classical yet gently abstract nudes. Inspired by the models themselves, this series allows individual interpretation of the bodyys vocabulary.

Never traveling the well-beaten path, it is my goal to invite the viewer into a world of wonder and present an alternative view of the nude form.

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