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Bosch, Ananda Zoe

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Ananda Zoe Bosch

1648 N Wolcott Ave

Chicago, IL 60622

773 384 1583

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Ananda Zoo Bosch made her way to Chicago via Los Angeles. As the owner of Flowerlife, Inc. a full service special event floral company, she has been spreading floral cheer to those in need for the past 10 years.

Her interest in photography started in 1988. While studying photography at New York University, she had an opportunity to work as an assistant to Ursula Coyote, an acquaintance and inspirational mentor. With that, she was able to test perspective boundaries. Looking through the camera lens was really never the same. She worked as the assistant to Ursula on the album cover for the band Biohazard and enjoyed every minute of it. Since then, she has been published in Next magazine for shooting actor Wilson Cruise, has shot models, actors, bands, nature, architecture and friends.

Her inspirations vary from Ansel Adams to Cindy Sherman to Marcus Leatherdale and Bruce Webber.

She shoots primarily with a film SLR and doesnnt manipulate any of her digital prints.


I have been inspired to take pictures for the past 17 or so years. I can remember the first time I looked through the camera lens, the curiosity of finding the perfect angle, the perfect perspective, the perfect light and then clickk! The moment has been captured. My excitement didnnt stop there. With baited breath I would wait until my 3-hour lab would give me my precious negatives and my elusive contact sheet.

I havennt lost that wonderful feeling of anticipation, the elation of finally seeing a snapshot of my version of the perfect moment.

Moments are fleeting, but capturing them on photographic paper and knowing that I am looking at a piece of time that I saw is my idea of enlightenment.

I still use a film camera. I am an analog girl in a digital world. I do shoot occasionally with a small, but fierce digital, but I am passionate about my Nikon N 6006 and most especially my old, tired and super trustworthy Ricoh KR-S, with whom I met and fell madly in love with in my first year at New York University.

Thank you Mr. Ricoh and Mr. Nikon, for giving me my best friends.

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