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Smigielski, Joseph

oil painting
exhibiting artist
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A lifelong passion for art led me to becoming an elementary art teacher in metro Detroit. I was captured by the artistic process of very young chidren. I was fascinated by the spontaneity of their work. They seem not to paint from a place of logic, but rather from their very soul. They began to inspire my own painting.

I left the classroom in 2000, to devote myself fully to the pursuit of painting. The work began to attract attention. In 2003 I decided to move from Detroit for Chicago. This move has caused the work to blossom.

I have found myself part of the artist community here. I have done numerous shows in Chicago, and look forward to my fourth Pilsen East Artist's Open House.


God's process of creation is ongoing. It never ceases. Painting is an extension of this process. The purpose of my paintings is to inspire viewers to remember their true essence and divine connections.

Painting is my meditative prayer. When painting, I empty myself, and allow the painting to flow through me. I put aside fear and desire. I surrender to the process. The resulting paintings are landscapes of a sort. They are less a representation of earth, and more an invitation to lift the viewer from the ordinary and mundane, to a higher place. Ground, sky, structures, and the living things that populate the place begin to dissolve. Edges soften. Echoing patterns and rhythmic colors relax the mind. The vibration of color raises the spirit.

So much art of recent decades has been concerned with the reporting on the condition of life on earth. Art has become largely an intellectual exercise. I aim to look beyond the reporting, and to assist in the healing. My intent is to aid in satisfying a universal longing, which is to bridge the gap between matter and spirit. They simply invite you to melt a bit, and to remember the connection you have to your own soul. The painting is a window in which nature, humankind, and God become one.

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