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Keckler, Kristen

mixed media
exhibiting artist

Kristen Kleckler is a multifaceted sculptor. Her working materials range

from fabricated steel, cast resin, chicken feathers, to manipulated found

objects, utilizing formats such as traditional sculpture, collage or

installation. Her themes reference small moments, as if the viewer is

witness to residue of a past event. These moments tend to give form to

social structure giving contrasting if not comical outcomes.

Kristen Klecklerrs work has been shown in numerous juried and invitational

exhibitions from New York, Pennsylvania, to North Carolina. She received her

MFA from Northern Illinois University and has taught college level art for 2

years. Kleckler currently resides in Chicago and works as a preparator for

the Field Museum of Chicago.


My work is based on my own imperfect memories, positions of circumstance and

regretful sentiments. I am interested in the delicate, overlooked details

of life. I admire the disregarded objects we contend with daily but still

ignore, thinking they are irrelevant. The extremities of life tend to be

the very things we take for granted. I am inspired by the overwhelming, the

ridiculous and the contradictions between people and social structures. I

question the social structures we place ourselves in and try to reveal the

awkward ramifications of trying to do so.

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