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Blankenship, Hyonae

oil painting

My name is Hyonae. I was born in Korea. In 1980 I came to America for the better life. I learned about Korean arts in English at an Arts History Class in America. And with my familyys help I studied Korean arts in my native language. My grandmother gave me the name Hyonae which means, true lovee.

My recent paintings are a confession of my ancestors past that I have learned about from Korean traditional arts.

Korea is five thousand years old. Between China and Japan, Korea was invaded nine hundred times. Repeatedly the Korean King was killed, and the Korean citizens were taken for slavery.

The country was destroyed and people lived in starvation for many years. However, when each war ended, Koreans rebuilt their private homes as well as the Kinggs palace. The walls were decorated and embossed with birds, flowers, and trees. Things that evoked life. The ceilings were beautifully embellished with the colors of rainbows and clouds, the renderings of heaven.

The image of nature is a powerful symbol that people believed shielded evil entrance to their homes. Its cultural phenomena, people worshipped these symbols of nature and incorporated them into their everyday lives. Decorated objects and painted screens would beautify their homes. Itts also used for ritual ceremonies, such as weddings and blessings for new born babies. In the 19th Century many unknown Korean artists would journey throughout from town to town by foot. These artists would exchange their artwork for food, drink, and shelter. When they stayed, they blessed each home.

When I paint I am a Red Rooster. Bringing the birth of life to women who desperately wish to have a child.

When I paint I am as white as a snow blossom peony. Wishing you longevity, prosperity and wealth in your life.

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