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De Colon, James

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Galleria Marchetti - June 2008
Fashion Focus Chicago -October 2008
Chicago Latino Fashion Week - October 2008
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Chicago-based couturier James De COLON is a native New Yorker with strong ties to his homeland San Juan, Puerto Rico. De Colon and partner, Creative Director-Wayne Reddrick, are thrilled to be joining the Chicago Arts District with the opening of their new boutique; DE COLON, opening in mid-April 2008.

Designing apparel from ready-to-wear to high-fashion eveningwear, as well as, custom designs for a legion of private clientele: De Colon designs with real women in mind, women who are confident enough in their lives to wear clothing that is unique, sophisticated and classic. Says De Colon, my designs have longevity, and can be worn year after year, without going out of style.

The Windy City has embraced De Colon and he has been featured in all major media, print, network television programs and special events that attract the Ã'Æ'¢Ã'¢â€...¡Ã‚¬Ã'...â€..."fashion forward from all walks of life. During his years in Chicago, De Colon and Creative Director, Wayne Reddrick have mentored Fashion design students enrolled in Chicago's most prestigious design schools; Illinois Institute of Art, Columbia College, International Academy of Design and Technology, and The Art Institute, offering a hands-on intensive internship program.

James is a leader in the Spanish-speaking community and is well respected in the mainstream fashion community as well. De Colon has been a featured designer in Mayor Daley's cultural initiative, Chicago Fashion Focus; and one of his gowns, entitled Flamboyant, inspired by the flower of Puerto Rico, was featured in Mayor Daley's city beautification project, Gardens of the Magnificent Mile in 2007. James was recently honored as a finalist nominee for the prestigious "Latino Entrepreneur of the Year 2007" by the Chicago Latino Network. In addition to creating a new home in the Chicago Arts District, new design lines for the 2008-2009 fashion season, De Colon and Reddrick are also in preparation for a project that is near to their hearts. They are part of the production team for the second annual Chicago Latino Fashion Week; the first event of its kind in the U.S. designed to highlight the talents of some of Chicago's most gifted designers; which will grace the runways in October 2008.

De Colonn feels, "There is nothing new about the concept of women's fashion . . . it's as old as time. The concept of the designer, however, is always new. I believe that a woman's wardrobe should be a seamless blend of texture, color and style that exudes glamour, elegance, sensuality, comfort, sophistication and most important of all femininity."


On my Inspiration:

Answering the question, "What is your inspiration?"

Answer: Certainly, like most fashion designers, I am inspired by the silhouette of a woman, the mixture of color, texture and shape, the drape of a fabric, as well as, current trends.
But, for me it's simple, designing clothes for women is enchanting, my inspiration comes from a mixture of women's images, past, present and future. Beautiful women that I've known and seen throughout my life have inspired me. Music, the places I've lived, my rich Latino heritage, all of these things inspire me.

In recent years, I have been blessed to work with a variety of student collaborators, through our internship program at James De Colon Designs. The perspectives of youth toward fashion are a constant source and guide in my work.

Finally, the simple response of a woman to a garment created with her in mind, nothing could be more inspiring.

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