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Quirk, Rachel

teaching artist

There is no prescription that I follow when making my work. I fluctuate between working within traditional forms of sculpture to utilizing video elements in installations. For me, the most important part to of creating a work of art is the time spent thinking about how to make an idea or concept into a realized art piece. More often I find that I have the idea for a sculpture or installation before consciously understanding the concept behind it.

There are however, times when I am drawn to a material process and feel the need to create more traditional work. Making work that is more process oriented allows me to hone my skills, but also makes me want to challenge what I can do with the material. My work does not adhere to one theme or concept; rather I choose to move back and forth between works that are more sociopolitical to representing personal experiences. My personal experience pieces inform the social and the social informs the personal. I find that both aspects are interchangeable and an important part of my process. Life is political; we are all political, from our beliefs to our class, race, and gender. Politics affects us all. By acknowledging this connection between the personal and political, I am able to understand more how my own work is connected to the whole.
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