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Scott, Ziegler

exhibiting artist
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Through my art, I provide an introspective look into my past experiences. As a child in a dysfunctional familyâ€"one rooted in alcohol addictionâ€"I experienced years of trauma, abuse, confusion, and fear. As an adult, I realized that these past experiences and memories constrained my full expression of self. I felt bound by a variety of patterns of behavior that resulted in internal struggles, destructive behavior, and limited personal growth.

I have come to realize that I have to explore the past in order to break free from its constraints. Art has been the vehicle for that exploration. When I create a piece of art, I am provided with an opportunity to reach into the dark abyss, find the light, and heal. Each piece is symbolic of the truth I discover and the healing it provides.

As people view my art, it is my hope that it will be an opportunity to do personal soul-searching regarding the issues of addiction, trauma, and recovery. It is not necessary to know the exact content of my memories and experiences to resonate with the truth contained in my pieces of art, because truth is universal.

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