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Arecci, Christian

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Christian Arrecis is an MFA candidate in Photography at Northern Illinois University. His work has been included in several regional exhibitions including Freeport Arts Center Exhibition IV (November 2007) where he earned 1st Place; the Thirty-second Annual Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition (2nd Place, April 2008), Emerging Illinois Artists â€"07 at the McLean County Arts Center in Bloomington, Illinois (an exhibition of MFA candidates in Illinois universities, May 2007) and the Vicinity exhibition in St. Charles, Illinois (November 2007). He was recently selected as a Showcase Artist for Light Leaks Magazine (Issue #8), a journal of low-fidelity photography which published his pinhole photographs. Additionally, his work was also included on the F-Stop Magazine website. He currently teaches photography courses at Kishwaukee College in Malta, Illinois.

Phenomena Naturalis is a series of photographs through which I attempt to navigate and understand the natural world; it is an attempt at understanding some of life's universal and enduring questions. Books and their time-worn pages, bits of text and images, and found objects all serve as a vehicle to suggest a figurative voyage, that the mysteries of the world can be unlocked and revealed.

When removed from their previous contexts, the texts and images that I use all have an ambiguous quality. It is through a deliberate and intentioned lighting, and careful placement of these objects that I alter the visual space so as to avoid a literal reading, moving my imagery towards a more metaphorical interpretation and ultimately guiding the viewer towards a contemplative and ritualized experience.

Light and shadow function to obscure and emphasize that which is important in directing the viewer to important components of my imagery, but they also function on a symbolic levelâ€"the revelation of truth.

I am interested in an exploration of the world through referencing legend, through the intersection between science and magic and where superstition meets history. As such, an intimation of the arcane, the mythological and the mysterious informs these photographs.
Christian Arrecis, 2008
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