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Bachus Jr., Paul

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2210 S. Halsted St.
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Website: Under the Wire

A native and life-long resident of SW Michigan, I began making art about 10 years ago after I broke 2 fingers. A friend suggested working with clay as a form of physical therapy and that was the first art medium I played with. I started experimenting with painting and sculpture a short time later.

Most of my time is spent outside as a professional landscaper so I have a natural appreciation and love for the environment. On rainy days I found myself stopping at garage or rummage sales and auctions. It has become as addiction for me and thankfully I see art in the stuff I find.

My work has been shown at the Outsider's Art Fair in Harbert Michigan, the Recycle Re-Use Re-Claim Show at Under the Wire Gallery (Chicago), and the first annual Invitational Earth Day Exhibit at the American Medical Association Building (Chicago).

I respect the environment and am a strong believer in recycling. I started collecting old tools and farm implements a few years ago because I saw history and art in these objects. Most people do not see any value or use in rusty wrenches and saw blades. When I look at them I see myself bringing them back to life as a piece of art that will be around for another hundred years or more. I want people to smile when they see what can be created from old objects that have been given up for dead.

Our society no longer places value on well-made products. In our modern disposable world people are accustomed to buying things at big box stores, throwing them away when they break and not giving a second thought to where that goes. I want my art to make people stop and reflect on what is happening to our environment and hopefully make a choice to become more green.
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