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Bespalec-Davis, Christine

acrylic painting
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Website: Christine Bespalec-Davis

Art Exhibitions

- Art Chicago- Rivereast Art Center, Chicago, IL 2010
Graphite on Paper

- Around the Coyote- Plumbers Hall, West Loop, Chicago, IL 2008
Mixed Media on Glass

- Pilsen East Artist Open House- 1832 S. Halsted St, Chicago, IL 2008
Mixed Media on Glass

- Around the Coyote- Wicker Park Field House, Chicago, IL 2007
Graphite Drawings, Acrylic Painting & 2006

- Bare Walls-The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2006
Alumni Scholarship Fundraiser-Large Scale Painting & 2005

- Around the Coyote Northwest Tower, Chicago, IL 2005
Acrylic Painting, Ink Drawings, Mixed Media Collage

- Around the Coyote- Blue Velvet Studio, Chicago, IL 2004
Oil Painting, Charcoal Drawings, Mixed media collage

- Chicago Public Schools: The Art of Teaching-Gallery 37, Chicago, IL 2003
Black and White photography

- Undergraduate Artist Exhibition-Gallery 2, Chicago, IL 2002
Large Scale Oil Painting

- National Association of Women Business Owners- Chicago, IL 2000
30 Chicago Women Artisians Art Exhibition and Sale
Ceramics, Handmade books

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2002
· Bachelor of Fine Arts (2002)
· Teacher Certification: Art K-12, Type 10 Illinois (2002- present)


John Barry Elementary School, Chicago, IL -Art Educator (K-6) 2002-present
· Teaches over 900 students via a mobile classroom.
· Raises standards for student art production.
· Improved ISAT testing scores for comprehension of fine arts from 31% to 71%. (ISAT 2004)
· Established ongoing after school art appreciation programs.
· Invites Chicago artists of various backgrounds and trades to share their art experience with students through workshops and hands-on site visits.

Lil Street Gallery, Chicago, IL-Teaching Artist (Pre K-High School) 2003-present
· Teaches weeklong summer workshops involving collage, ceramics, drawing, printmaking and fiber arts.
· Introduces ceramics to 3-5 year old students in multi-week evening courses.

Gallery 37, Chicago, IL - Teaching Artist (Middle School) 2002
· Coordinated a drawing and painting curriculum through the Connections Program at Ray School.
· Modified lessons and materials to accommodate students with behavioral, learning, and physical disorders including partial paralysis, blindness, autism and limited.
· Provided students equal opportunity to succeed in creating expressive works of art and exhibiting these works in a public gallery.

Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, IL - Communications Assistant (High School) 2002
· Assisted in student volunteer program.
· Organized faculty meetings regarding off-campus student exchange program.

Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, IL - Fine Arts Program Director 2002
· Facilitated the Fine Arts component for the "Parker Summers" program.
· Activities included landscape painting, found object collage, fiber arts painting, and drawing.


Christine Bespalec-Davis has been exhibiting her artwork since 2001 and is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Influenced by expressionist and cubist paintings, she offers a perception of that which is familiar and close to ones heart but also complex, mysterious and not fully defined. Faces become organic shapes. Lines transform into rivers and pathways. That which is familiar translates into basic color and shape, like a memory not fully tangible, yet full of life, purpose and emotion.

In her current series, Christine references the sense of isolation created by removing the awareness of reality and the energy produced by the movement of time. She draws her inspiration from her experience with the intangible substance that pulsates within an urban environment, contrasted with the spiritual energy in open, meditative spaces.

These drawings represent a moment of pause and contemplation before progressing down uncertain pathways. The information offered is vague, but representational of the ability to remember benign details and delicate interactions over grand gestures. The stagnation represented in the work offers opportunities for evolution and the advancement of ones own awareness. Whether or not the inevitable progression can be altered has yet to be determined.

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