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Castellanos, Jose

acrylic painting
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April 24, 2008
Solerno's Benefit Art Show
Berwyn, Illinois

December 6, 2007
John Hancock Building Runway Art Exhibit Show
Art Benefit for Chicago Family Health Center
Chicago, Illinois

August 17,2007 thru Sept 21-2007
Noir Gallery : One Man Show - La Vida Es Arte
Grand Rapids, Michigan

March 10, 2007
St. John Berchman's Church - 3rd Annual Glimmer Auction
Chicago, Illinois

February 24, 2006 thur June 1, 2006
One Man Show La Fogata
Village Restaurant
Chicago, Illinois

July 9, 2005
Literacy Chicago Annual Auction
Chicago Cultural Center
Chicago, Illinois

September. 10, 2005 thru October 10, 2005
Kristoffer's Cafe
One Man Show
Chicago, Illinois

August 7, 2004 thru September 7, 2004
Kristoffer's Cafe
One Man Show
Chicago , Illinois

Art Odyssey Inc.
Board Member - 2008

Private Chicago Collections:
Dr. Ramon Cabe Jose Gonzalez
Dr. Jacqueline Y. Gervais
Chris Quander
Dr. M. Mendoza

I, Jose J. Castellanos am a 53 year old Latino physician who practices Family Medicine in the City of Chicago. While I had no formal training in the arts, the art of healing patients has given me an insight into the personal strengths and struggles of what life is all about. It is with these emotions that I chooses to paint the canvas with. I, Dr. Castellanos have witnessed life as it is being born - as it is being delivered unto this world. At the other spectrum, I have been present at the last breathe of a person's worldly existence. It is this strength and frailty in the human spirit that I choose to respect with the stroke of the brush. As you look at my paintings, free yourself of your own worldly attachments and accept them for what they are; for the brush stroke and the color left behind on the paper or canvas is but a medium of the human soul.
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