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Coha, Dan

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Website: Dan Coha Photography

Dan Coha is a Chicago native. He received his bachelor degree in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University in 1975.

After graduation he apprenticed with Fred Broderson, a leading product and food photographer in Chicago.

Shortly after Mr. Coha opened a studio in Chicago.

His assignments include many projects for local and national advertising agencies, design firms, and corporations.

His work has appeared in:

• The Chicago Show (Communications Collaborative of Chicago)

• New York One Show (Art Directors Club of New York)

• Archive Magazine (Quarterly magazine featuring juried selections of the best in international advertising)

He continues to work out his River West studio doing package designs and, advertisements for his clients.

Like most Chicagoans the winter of 2007-08 was one that could not end soon enough. The coldest, and snowiest in 30 years.

I found myself trapped in a small handful of places,

My home

My car

My studio

Sure there were others, Iâ€"m not a recluse, but I became increasingly aware the affect weather has on the psyche and soul. In my case itâ€"s usually a negative affect.

Then strangely, the muse moved in. It came in the form of positive thinking.

I had shut down - refusing to use my eyes, to be open.

What was I missing, not seeing?

Was there some sort of strange, ugly, yet beautiful visual poetry I was missing in the constant doldrums of dark grays?

Human artifacts we litter our planet with fought the struggles of Mother Nature to cover them in a cold gray winter.

This visual contrast became for me the classic paradigm of man against nature.

Yet, the slivers of color I could see reminded me of the early signs of spring.

And, as always, Mother Nature wins.
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