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Erdim, Firat

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725 W. 18th St., Apt. B
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Fýrat Erdim was born in Izmir, Turkey. He received his M. Arch. Degree from the University of Virginia and his B. Arch. Degree from the Cooper Union, in New York. In addition to a number of international building projects with the Pei Cobb Freed & Partners architecture firm, his past work includes Culbreth Earth/Oak, a performance/object constructed on the UVa campus to inaugurate the construction of an arts precinct; a structure to house a foundry and forge inspired by Andrei Tarkovskyâ€"s film, The Passion According to Andrei (1966), for the Sculpture Department of the University of Virginia; and Unfolding of the Cage, a proposal for a floating library on the Bosphorus. He was teaching architectural design studio at the University of Virginia until moving to Chicago in August 2008.

My work seeks to investigate the mythic origin of architecture in the relationship between the human figure and the landscape. This relationship is negotiated through the practice of sculpture as a pre-architectural state of ritual activity. These constructions exist at the scale of the city as well as at that of an object. Drawings often serve as a bridge between these different scales of operation. My recent work has been centered on a concept of the horizon as a threshold between what is above and what is below, between what is interior and exterior, and in some cases between the past and the future of a site. My aim is to frame the magical transformation of matter between the states of debris, construction, raw material, and terrain in relation to such a horizon.
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