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Frugia, Todd and Marrakesh

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1835 S Halsted Street
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Website: Rooms Gallery

ROOMS is the husband and wife team of Todd and Marrakesh Frugia.

Influenced by the works of Samuel Beckett, W. David Hancock, Marguerite Duras, John Cage, and countless others; our approach is instinctive and pragmatic, contingent on intuition and an unyielding fidelity to our own unique vision.

By integrating performance, video, audio, and landscape, ROOMS explores the reservoir of images and sounds of things past, present, and future. We strive to stretch beyond notions of 'narrative' and drift into varying presentations of thought and experience by practicing the manipulation, reorganization, and sometimes skewing of specific images, sounds, motion, and placement of perceived reality and the memories it leaves behind.

ROOMS maintains the belief that the power of art lives within the visceral reaction to the questions that mystery and ambiguity provoke.

ROOMS is dedicated to exploring and strengthening the relationship between artist and audience by experimenting with the creative process and expanding the vocabulary of language and experience through live performance, installation, and video.
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