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Guzman, Miguel

acrylic painting
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Miguel Guzmán was born in New York City in 1974. He recently relocated to Chicago, Illinois from Miami, Florida. Miguel has studied at Florida State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Although trained in traditional methods and techniques, his works often involve the use of digital imaging and printing techniques in combination with painting, collage, and assemblage.

Gathered here are some examples from two bodies of work. One series has come to a close and as for the newer series (still in progress), how it will move forward and change remains to be seen. On first viewing I imagine they may seem like two distinctly different bodies of work, but I would say they share a strong relation to one another, a common thread. They both deal with the idea of a failed world, or rather the question of whether we have failed. They share a sense of skepticism toward the monuments and icons to religious ideologies, political ideologies and the absolutism and authority they imply.
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