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Lawrence, Joslyn

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1932 S. Halsted St., Unit 101
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Website: Studio 101

Lawrence studied Painting and Photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA and the Kansas City Art Institute. Lawrenceâ€"s work reflects both the geographical and the emotional landscape where she lives. She tends to bring the medium of photography as a collage element into her images to add a rich, textured layer that adds tone to the stories. Recently, she has been focusing on natural landscapes with a manmade aspect, exploring the idea of the disappearing environment, and how things that are made from natural materials sometimes get taken back by the elements.

Studio 101 Gallery was opened in September 2007 by two
artists who also work in advertising and film--Joslyn
Beta Lawrence, a painter and Brian Kuhlmann, a
photographer. The nature of the gallery is to curate shows in a free-form manner, collaborating with
creative people in all mediums, from fine arts to advertising to installation and performance. We are
also organizing workshops and salons for 2008.
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