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Mihailovich, Marko

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Marko Mihailovich has photographed urban landscapes, abstracts, and people over the last two decades â€" working mainly in black and white. His largest project focused on Old Maxwell Street and included photos of its buildings, architecture, and graffiti. He began photographing Maxwell Street in 1993 and passionately continued in 1998 while a student at Northern Illinois University. Some photos capture the areaâ€"s last blues musicians, who came down every Sunday to play out on the street. Marko continues to photograph the New â€"Maxwell Street” Market (located on Roosevelt and Canal Streets) and has many ongoing projects. He earned his BFA in Design with an emphasis on photography from Northern Illinois University in 1999.

I have been taking photographs for the better part of eighteen years. Most of my work is 35 millimeter black and white as well as some color and 2 1/4-inch camera work. The project I have been working on the longest is Chicagoâ€"s old Maxwell Street Flea Market. Starting seriously in 1998, I have gone there to photograph what was left of this historic part of the city and bring it back to life. I was looking to capture the raw earthiness of the place, the things I found there, and what it was like to be there. My photographs depict its buildings, architecture, graffiti, and people. Blues music is one of the things that defined Maxwell Street through the years, so my photographs show some of the areaâ€"s last blues musicians who came down every Sunday to play out on the street.

My work also consists of urban and rural landscapes, street photography, abstract work, and some people portraits. When I go out to photograph, I go out to find something that is out there and capture it in a visually interesting way. Much of my urban work consists of photographs taken when I was just out and about. A lot of my abstract work comes from going to the beach and looking for things created by the wind, water, and people. I can revisit the same beach or area and find something different every time. The photographs I have taken of people show them in their own environment. I like to capture their daily life as naturally as possible, which isnâ€"t always easy.

Photography is a life-long passion of mine that will never die. Iâ€"ll always be in search of that image that is visually appealing that no one else sees.
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