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Parker, Michael

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726 W. 18th St.
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Website: Michael Parker Photography

Michael specializes in the fine art of architectural photography. Working almost entirely in black & white his signature style is making otherwise recognizable locations into abstract designs. His methods of combining photography and digital book production are an industry first - allowing him to print (by hand) two books of architectural photography from the U.S. and Europe. He is thirty years old and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Architecture begins on paper, photography is the method by which it returns. My goal is to create both an abstract body of work and a cohesive archive of domestic and international architecture. Black & white film provides a neutral platform where architecture becomes the medium of design. Without color, the viewer must be attracted purely by the composition and texture of an image. Since photographs require real-life subject matter my abstract designs make sense once interpreted. The interpretation, like a puzzle, can be solved with architectural photography because the viewer eventually figures out what theyâ€"re looking at. By solving the puzzle the viewer feels satisfaction rather than being left in the stage of interpretation.

When abstract compositions donâ€"t present themselves, I simply aim to record the worldâ€"s most interesting buildings in a manner that is welcome either as historical record or fine art. In the interest of creating a true photographic archive black & white film is the only proven medium we have for long-term durability. Luckily there is a clear need to continue this tradition as the construction of new buildings will most certainly continue.
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