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Buchanan, Elizabeth


I perceive images and space as interrelated parts of a visual spectrum. By layering a photograph with textured glass, acrylic and/or a variety of objects I combine pictorial space with three-dimensional space. The glass may be sand-blasted, etched or a pre-cast pattern. For example, rock salt connected to small aluminum tubes are drilled into a sheet of acrylic and placed in relationship to one another and to the image. Planes or layers of image(s) and materials play off of one another resulting in what I call photobjectss. The original image is altered; part of the viewerrs sight is obstructed. What is not seen or partially seen is as important as what is seen.

Many of the photographs are shot from a macro perspective. For instance, in the wintertime, a residual form is left from ice and snow melting. The sunns heat and rock salt have changed the positive and negative spaces. Shadows are part of the image and change with the length of the day. Another moment of visual poetry occurs when raindrops become lightening bugs and shooting stars falling down from my window. I seek to translate visual experiences whether they are real or imagined, into tangible objects reflecting an interrelated spectrum of images in a third-dimension.


The suburbs of New York, Larchmont in particular, is the place of my childhood, even though for two years my family lived in Caracas, Venezuela. Temporary destinations to the Caribbean islands such as Tobago, St. Croix and Bermuda and four summers spent on Sebago Lake, in Maine contributed to a picturesque childhood.

Wellesley, MA became home at the beginning of sixth grade. I spent three years in three different schools until finding Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire. Proctor is a unique school whose motto is learn by doingg. Mountain classroom (based on NOLS and Outward Bound programs) and Study Abroad programs to France and Spain are part of the schools repertoire. Madrid was home for four months; as well as a van while traveling throughout the southeastern U.S., hiking, spelunking, climbing and canoeing.

Alfred, New York became my next place of residence during college. Upon BFA completion and two months of solitary confinement in Vermont, I headed for New York City. Four years of art school was followed by one eventful year consisting of: assisting professional sculptors, art-handling for the American Crafts Museum and the MoMA, acceptance to lower east side studio program and selling some of my first work to a New York Times art critic and to the registrar at the Museum of Modern Art.

A fascinating seven month residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts was followed by another year in New York City pursuing a Masters in Art Education at Columbia University. Resisting reality, financial urgency and the tidal force to teach I left New York and spent one year in Vermont. Two years after Vermont I completed the MFA sculpture program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Finally stationary, I struck up permanent residency in Chicago, now with a six year old small business, in addition to making and showing art in and around Chicago.

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