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Ray, Rebecca

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Website: Rebecca Ray

My work currently explores the concept of creating a record of events that are familiar to and between each of us. In the most recent prints, "Decisions," I explore the results of decisions made between two people and try to capture the moment as it unfolds between them.

Preceding "Decisions, I explored the concept of verbal and physical exchanges between parties in the series "Conversations." Within "Conversations," I offered the viewer a place to reflect on the quiet interchange of ideas, emotions or inaudible, but physical communication, that become the moments that propel each of us forward in our daily lives.

This year, I've been exploring the result of these conversations in the series, "Decisions."
Within this series the viewer now sees the result of the conversation and the decision made. Often unexpected, the result of these conversations attempts to hold the viewers attention as they are now viewing the results of the previous conversations.

Again using the medium of woodcuts allows me to express boldness and vigor of each instance and ultimately recreates the moment again between the viewer and myself.

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