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Stenzel, David Erwin

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David Erwin Stenzel is 43 years old and has been a woodworker for 25 years. He has exhibited in Chicago and Santa Barbara, California. Studios include Chiaroscuro and Eclectic Junction in Chicago and The Santa Barbara Art Fair in California.

Some past commissioned work includes: Totem Pole creations and carvings, Decorative Spline Coffee Tables, designed and built entire Hair Salon, including Reception Desk and all Work Stations, and Shrine Cabinets.

Current commissioned works in progress include: Carving of a 300 year old Elm Tree Stump in River Forest and a Dragon Carving for an acupuncturists medicine cabinet.

Taking the raw element of wood, he studies and analyses the organic nature of the material to be utilized for each creation. He takes in the aroma, feels the texture, and visualizes each piece or section fitting into the whole. To carve a face in a log or combine exotic and domestic woods in furniture, sculpture, guitars and rings, is what ignites the fire in his soul, lifting it to higher realms and thus enabling oneness with the material tools.
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