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Taylor, Kevin

mixed media
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Website: Kevin Taylor

Kevin obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of Southern Florida in 1990. His other studies included Mathematics, Philosophy and History. Previous to gaining his BFA at USF he studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C.

Following graduation from the University of Southern Florida, Taylor worked as a scenic artist for theater, while continuing to pursue his role as a fine artist. In 1990, Kevin was a founding member of Titanic Anatomy, an artist's collective based in Ybor City, Florida. After a stint of high profile shows through Titanic Anatomy, Kevin moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1992 to pursue a more lucrative career in the scenic arts.

Kevin Taylor's success in the scenic arts won him awards in various sculptural projects in theater. His murals and paint treatments gained attention, leading him to once again pursue fine arts as a career path. Processes learned in the theater industry soon led to an exploration in medium and to stylistic changes that now inform his work. His varied educational history within the arts provided an essential backdrop for exploration in ways to combine conceptual aspects while still holding ties to his innate expressionistic talents.

Kevin currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He continues to work as a scenic artist while establishing himself as a local talent.

My paintings are a product of different processes I have learned over the years of painting as both a fine artist and scenic painter. The work explores an ongoing relationship with the immediate versus calculated and intentional processes. While scenic painting demands immediacy, constant reinvention of images and objects to please an audience, my personal work incorporates more complexity, depth and craftsmanship.
Using Automotive paint, acrylic and resin on MDF, I form palettes of color fields that I then cut into linear shapes. I shape the pieces into a whole, using the cuts as brushstrokes, and placing discordant color fields in a manner to create contrast and depth. This method of painting helps me to utilize the concepts I have gained through my profession with personal spontaneity.

The unity of different processes is used as a metaphor for tension and collaboration found in relationships and society.

I want to continue these themes while exploring a relationship between the language of abstraction and traditional pictorial space; foreground, background, highlight, shadow and atmosphere.
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