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Wetzstein, Brian

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1932 S. Halsted St., Unit 203
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Website: Brian Wetzstein Photography

Brian Wetzstein is originally from the western suburbs of Chicago and now resides in the Pilsen artist district. He attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, with a Major in Photography. After his studies, Brian moved back to Chicago to pursue a career in commercial photography. Since 2002, Brian has photographed for clients such as McDonald's, Quaker, and BP. Outside of commercial photography he has continued creating work in photographing abstracts and everyday textures.

Brian's work showcases photography as an exploration into natural and man-made objects and surfaces. Photographing subjects that show these complex textures or abstract forms is all about revealing what is overlooked.

The nude work portrays the abstract aspects of the human body by compassing the forms and textures of the body as if it were a landscape. Abstracting seemingly normal anatomy into an altered state of understanding: transcending and transforming experience and sensuality.
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